Streaming Sports Events with Facebook Live

Posted: August 14, 2016 in Tech in coaching

The advent of Facebook Live has opened up some new exciting possibilities using technology in sports. On its very simplest level people can now broadcast live off their phone or tablets can give you a view into all sorts of events- at the moment it is possible to view Rio 2016 as well as a Rock and Roll competition in Hamilton. On a personal page you can simply tap on update status and then select the Live Video icon. It is very simple at that stage to write a quick description and describe the audience you are aiming for.Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 7.14.09 am.png

As with all of the internet there is a real range of material available from Facebook lIve, I think there is a massive opportunity for Sports clubs, schools and indeed coaches to share sessions and events using Facebook Live technology. In terms of professional development there are some golden nuggets available on Facebook as well


There are also some top individual athlete and coach pages – with information from their own training sessions and insights into their personalities and the hard work they have to do to get to the top of their sport. Often much of this footage is taken in exactly the way that I have described above the cameras on current phones and tablets easily provide enough quality for this type of broadcast.

In terms of value to your club or school there are massive opportunities for linking both with your parents, previous players, old boys and sponsors through using streaming as a tool to engage them in your club. if your event is one in which you can stay close to the action then all you need is your phone in order to record and stream to Facebook Live, with a little creativity this can include interviews with captains, footage from changing rooms and celebrations, even a halt time insight from the coach.

However, the quality of this footage is paramount in engaging those who you stream to – it is very difficult to watch some dots in the landscape and actually engage with a sporting event. In order to use and stream from a video camera you need to take the footage from your camera and then into your stream- this ensures top quality footage. I have written a step by step process to achieve this below.

OBS and Facebook LIVE

I look forward to seeing many video streams from New Zealand and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like some help with the process described above.

Jim Dickin



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