All I Want For Christmas

Posted: December 14, 2015 in Tech in coaching

At the recent Connecting Coaches conference I was asked by a course participant what new technology could be used to help coaching. As ever the answer remains that the most important aspect of all coaching is your relationship with the athlete, a simple phone with a video camera is also a great tool. In my perfect world however, these are some of the new technologies which I think can make a real difference or I find exciting in terms of technology that can be used in coaching.

iPad Pro

From a coaching point of view this could really lighten your travel bag. The ability to use the iPad pro as a laptop replacement with a keyboard and the apple pencil to input data mean that you do not need to travel with multiple devices. The huge screen will give an opportunity to share video easily with your athletes, while the high quality video camera will mean that you can gain high quality footage to base your coaching on.

Tripod for iPad

The large size of the iPad pro makes a mounting system a must, particularly when using the video camera aspect. This iShot G7 tripod mount will enable you as the user to gain good quality footage and be able to display this footage quickly and conveniently  by attaching this stand to any existing tripod.

GoPro HERO4 Session

An extension of being able to gain good quality footage is also available with the GoPro HERO4, the smallest GoPro camera yet allowing some great footage for coaching as well as the addition of a highlight button to speed up your editing of coaching sessions. This camera will enable you to gain a different viewpoint when coaching, imagine attaching it to an athlete for a training session and then reviewing decisions they have made together while being able to view from his viewpoint at the same time.

The Lily Camera

Drone cameras have introduced a new capability, you can set the camera to follow you while you take part in your activity. While many of these cameras are not fully released as yet they are certainly exciting although still very expensive (around $1500 US), I am afraid I may have to wait until these become a little more realistic in price!

Polar M400

There are many different smartwatch and personal fitness tracking type products available now, the Polar M400 combines the ability to measure heart rates with a GPS to measure your training sessions accurately. The watch can also sync wirelessly  with the Polar Flow app, which can give you indications about your training intensity and recommendations about the amount of activity you should complete each day.

Hudl technique

Still my absolute go to in terms of coaching with technology, best of all the basic app is free and an outstanding tool for every coach in every sport. It is also well worth checking out the website for some excellent examples of coaching using the app


Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 9.11.43 AM.png

I very much enjoyed presenting at the Sport NZ Connecting Coaches conference and the opportunity to meet many NZ coaches right at the top of their sport. As ever I would welcome contact from anybody who would like to discuss their use of technology in coaching and would like to wish all my readers a Happy Christmas.



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